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Car polish and detailing centre Liverpool

At Liverpool Car Body we take cleaning your car and giving it a shine to a whole other level! Our car polish and detailing service in Liverpool is an awful lot more in depth and sophisticated than simply running your car through the local car wash or slapping a coat of wax on your car. Our car polish and detailing process will remove fine scratches and contaminants that have bonded to your paintwork often returning your vehicle to a condition better than showroom quality. Every car that rolls through our shutters for car polish and detailing is different, however, a thorough and professional detail will leave every part of the car’s surface in much better condition. Such improvements will not only be seen but felt through the smooth, slick and glossy finish which will be preserved by UV (ultraviolet) paint protectors providing it with the ability to continue looking great.


What’s involved in the detailing process?

  1. We begin the process by applying proper washing and drying techniques to remove any road muck, salts and dirt from the vehicle; making it spotless before moving on to the next stage.
  2. We will decontaminate the paintwork by removing any bonded contaminants that the vehicle may have picked up such tar, brake dust and acid rain and more. We will also remove any polish or waxes that are impossible to remove via conventional washing methods.
  3. Thirdly we will seek to improve the current paintwork further by removing typical problems and damages that may have occurred such as faint scratches, water marks and other imperfections. We will also aim to restore patches on the vehicle that have faded in order to produce a top quality shine.
  4. The vehicle will undergo a thorough and careful polish to strengthen the ever brightening shine. Once polished the paintwork is ready to be sealed giving it protection for a long lasting gloss and shine.
  5. One more gloss and polish… Just for good measure!


Does your car require detailing?

If you aren’t happy with the condition of your vehicle’s paintwork car polish and detailing represents excellent value for money; especially when you consider how costly it can be to completely respray your car. Fantastic results and savings can be made by choosing car polish and detailing over conventional full car resprays; cars that have been through such a process also tend to stay cleaner for longer when cleaned.


Car polish and detail summarised…

  • Remove small scratches
  • Conquer fading paintwork
  • Give your car a premium look
  • Help retain your car’s value
  • Provide long-term protection for your paintwork


Would you like to learn more?

If you would like to know more about our car polish and detailing and sample our great customer service along the way then you can contact us by phone on the number below. We can also refurbish your alloy wheels too. It’s so easy have your vehicle in tip top condition at Liverpool Car Body.

Call now on 0151 933 5939.



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