Does your car need a professional polish?

If you’re looking for somewhere that provides car polishing in Liverpool we can help.

At our Liverpool car centre we take car detailing and polishing to a stage way beyond that which you’ll receive with any car wash or valeting service in the area.

Not all car cleaning was created equal.

There is car washing, then there is car valeting, then there is full car detailing.

Liverpool motorists should know the difference because the latter could bring a whole new lease of life to your vehicle.

If you book us for a complete car polishing in Liverpool your car will be returned to showroom condition – clean and pristine to a degree that you probably didn’t realise was possible.

Is your car is still running well, so you can’t justify buying a new one but you’re sick of it looking grubby?

Has city driving left your vehicle with small, unavoidable scratches and scrapes?

Have you noticed faded paint or patches of discolouration caused by snow, ice or bird muck?

Our lovingly administered car polishing in Liverpool can help.

The difference between car washing and car polishing in Liverpool

A thorough car wash is simply the first of five stages in the process of car polishing at Liverpool Car Body.

If you have faded paintwork or small scratches you’ll find them removed as well, following a trip to our conveniently located Liverpool car centre

The process of car detailing at Liverpool Car Body includes:

  • A thorough washing and drying to remove salts and dirt
  • A complete decontamination of the paintwork. At this stage we remove anything bonded to the paint – such as tar and brake dust – as well as any substances such as wax and polish that cannot be removed by conventional cleaning
  • Removal and repair of small scratches, faded patches, watermarks and other imperfections
  • A complete car polishing – Liverpool Car Body’s speciality – to seal in the shine
  • One last polish, just for good measure!

If you’re wondering whether a complete car detailing by Liverpool Car Body could be the right option for you, give us a call.

Explain what it is that you’re hoping to put right with your vehicle and we’ll tell you the best course of action.

We also recommend our alloy wheel refurbishment as the perfect compliment to this service.

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