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If your car has been damaged in an accident, or you have had to make an insurance claim in order to bring it back up to scratch, we offer insurance work for car repairs in Liverpool. We understand that having your car repaired quickly is imperative, as being without your vehicle can slow down your pace of life dramatically.

There are many expert garages for insurance jobs, but at Liverpool Car Body, we can guarantee that we are the best.


We can get you back on the road in no time at all!

We know that when it comes to you making an insurance claim, it is highly likely that you have already had a stressful time. As experts for insurance work, we specialise in bumps and dents in your car that are making it look like it’s not up to scratch. We are confident when it comes to car body insurance work, and can restore your car back to its former glory – if not better!

When you bring your car into our garage, you are ensuring that you have your car bodywork fixed by a team of experts who specialise in insurance work for car repairs in Liverpool; we do this work every single day, so we can guarantee that you won’t be a challenge for us!

We can knock out the dents that are making your car look horrible, repair the paintwork with an exact match, and offer you a reliable and professional service that will make a stressful time a little bit easier to manage; it’s just what we do, we are one of the expert garages for insurance jobs remember.

Just bring your car in, and leave the rest to us.


What can we actually do for you?

We know that there can be a lot more to getting your car looking good again than hatching out the sledgehammer and banging a few bumps out, which is why our what we do repertoire is extensive! We offer many services for refurbishment, including:


  • Alloy wheel refurbishments
    We get your wheels looking brand new again!
  • Chassis straightening
    We assess your vehicle and decide the best course of action with you
  • Dashboard repairs
    No matter what dashboard you have, we can repair it back up to standard
  • Dent repair
    Get a straightened, seamless finish on your car once again!
  • Full resprays
    Need more than a touch up? We can respray your car any colour that you want!
  • Jig work
    Ensure that your car meets all manufacturer standards
  • Panel Beating
    Our process will return your vehicle back to its original state
  • Panel replacement
    Sometimes there is no other option than to replace what is damaged
  • Polish and detailing
    It’s all in the finishing touches – polish and detailing is what makes your car something to be proud of
  • Rust welding
    If rust is a problem, then we can restore your vehicle and get rid of unsightly blemishes that rust brings!
  • Stone chips
    Quality products and quality workmanship means you will never know there was ever a chip in the first place!
  • Car welding
    Capable welders who can apply their skill to any part of your car


Do you need insurance work for car repairs in Liverpool? Head over to our website and see how we can help you!


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