‘It’s only a small chip it doesn’t matter’

Let’s put the records straight, if you believe that windscreen stone chips don’t matter, you’re completely wrong. Of course they matter, just because it seems small and nothing to worry about, you should be concerned and you should choose a professional company who specialises in repairs for stone chips to fix your windscreen.

Windscreen stone chips are one of the most common damages caused to windscreens. They are caused when driving, the majority of the time it is from drivers in front of you or when taking over. Stones will bounce off the ground and hit the windscreen causing the small chip and leading you to need a windscreen chip repair.  

These small windscreen stone chips can cause you a lot more damage than you think, they can expand very easily and could lead you to having to replace your whole windscreen. For every bump and crack in the road that you go over, they are affecting this small chip making it bigger and bigger until the screen has had enough and shatters.

We know best that sometimes windscreen stone chips are out of our control and we can’t do anything to avoid them happening but there are certain things you can do to help reduce the chance of it and avoid having to get repairs for stone chips. The main way to reduce the chances happening is by reducing your speed, especially when another driver is overtaking you.

Although windscreen stone chips are one of the main damages to your cars windscreen there are other factors too that can damage it and lead you to needing an expert windscreen chip repair.


What else can damage my windscreen?

Just because stone chips are the most common cause of damage to car windscreens there are still other factors that can affect your windscreen that you should know about and be aware of in order to reduce any damages happening.

Other damages include:

  • Extreme Coldness
  • Direct Sunlight
  • Structural Weakness
  • Direct Impact
  • Mother Nature

Now, we think the majority of these causes of damages are pretty self explanatory but one you may be thinking about and questioning is ‘mother nature’, let us explain.

By mother nature we mean the change in the weather, we all know how wet and wild some thunderstorms can be and we always see everything getting blown outside so just imagine what is getting blown at your car causing bodywork damages as well as windscreen stone chips.


So, what are you going to do with your windscreen stone chips now?

Now you know how much damage windscreen stone chips can actually cause are you still going to sit around and leave it be or are you going to see a professional for your windscreen chip repair?

Repairs for stone chips are quick and easy, you can drive away with the peace of mind knowing your vehicle is safe and your windscreen won’t shatter on you any time soon.

At Liverpool Car Body stone chip repairs are one of the many areas we cover to ensure all your car bodywork is up to scratch, not full of them! If you need our team of expert professionals to solve any of your car bodywork problems then get in touch with us today and we’ll have your motor back in tip top condition in no time.


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